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Individual therapy is all about embracing growth and change with warmth and determination. It is your personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Yes, it can feel like stepping into the unknown, and you might face some bumps along the way. But through it all, I will be by your side, helping you break free from old habits that hold you back.

As you peel away the layers that hide your true self and let go of limiting beliefs, you will uncover your voice and purpose. It is about building a new you – one filled with confidence and self-worth, moving towards the best version of yourself.



Just by taking that first step into counseling, you have given yourself a precious gift: hope for healing and happiness. With the right techniques and support, you can become inspired and motivated again towards creating a much more fulfilling and authentic life, and soon, everything will start falling into place, creating a life that feels right.

Individual therapy is a journey to a place that holds benefits far beyond any risks or fear you may be experiencing. It is a path that will help you turn your vision for life into a reality. And you do not have to do it alone. I am here to help you every step of the way. Together, we will make it happen.

Your Journey  of  Healing 

I specialize in helping women discover their true voice, value, and self-worth. This looks different for every woman; however, I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey of healing in any of the areas listed below:

Life Skills ╼

Develop effective problem-solving skills, set, and achieve life goals, and adapt to major life changes.

Stress Management ╼

Balance work-related stress, manage academic and career pressures, and build coping strategies for life's challenges.

Grief Support ╼

Process grief and loss with compassion and support.


Get in touch with me now so you can move towards the best version of yourself to come.

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